Beaufriends Back

Team Performance

Crafty Draftn: Picking Boyd and Docherty early was smart, Boyd maintained his 103 average and Docherty improved his 2015 average of 82.2 up to 102, making them 2 of the top 3 defenders. Pick 136 snagged Dylan Shiel who averaged 99 and finished as the 29th best mid.
Draft Dud: Pick 65 Hibberd never played. Tom Bell (#76) dropped his average by 19, Murphy (#96) dropped 20 points, Redden (#105) dropped 32, McGlynn (#116) -12.
Prized Waiver: Jack Viney averaged 107 since being picked up in round 5.
One That Got Away: Meatball averaged 97 in 10 games after being dropped in round 5
Lame Grant: Marc Murphy got injured in round 10 and never came back, Deledio missed the first 5 and one later in the season, Dev Smith missed 10, T-Bell out for 5.
Beaufriends Back drafted methodically, picking one of each position, then filling the front and backs leaving mids til last. Also identified the lack of defenders and picked them in rounds 1, 5 and 7. Made the mistake of mixing up M.Hibberd (ESS) and M.Hibberd (NTH).

Original drafted team.